IV Therapy - Eze

Experience the benefits of IV drip. Eze Village is a perfect location for taking care of oneself – contact us now and enjoy the tailor-made IV therapies 24 hours later.

IV Drip - Eze Village

We serve the entire French Riviera, including the picturesque village of Eze, with our intravenous drip services.

Due to the unique nature of the services we provide, Dr.IV is the only firm in France to offer these therapies, and the entire team is dedicated to making sure each and every one of their clients has the best possible experience.

There are six primary treatments that have been modified to suit the needs of each individual patient: the Back to Life, NAD Secret, Olympian, Harmony, and Shield protocols. The Skinny Beach procedure ranks as the seventh best option. In addition, we provide individualised treatment using intravenous (IV) methods.

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