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Back to life


€ 490.00

Best for:

energy, detox, fight Nausea, muscle aches

What's inside:

12 vitamins A, B-COMPLEX (B1, B2, B5,B6,B8,B9,B12), vitamin E, extra vitamin C, D3 + Nicotinamides
Allow yourself the edge you need without worrying about the next day. The Back to Life drip is for the young and free spirits, night lovers, who dare to embrace their lifestyle without making concessions on their responsibilities. A night out can lead to dehydration, hangover and lack of sleep. All these consequences can directly impact your physical well-being as well as your ability to stay clear-minded. Give your body the help it needs to boost recovery and soothe nausea, dizziness and muscle pain. Back to Life is the new quick and effortless way to feel revived after a night of fun.

Schedule your appointment online and our trained nurses available 24/7*, will be at your place, to help you start fresh.

*night appointments upon request and subject for additional fees.