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NAD Secret


€ 890.00

Best for:

Rejuvenation, increase metabolism function, mental clarity enhancer, and energy booster.

What's inside:

NADH, nicotinamide, B-complex (B1,B2,B5,B6,B8,B12), Extra Vit C, magnesium.

Forget about nostalgia and retrieve your younger self. The NAD Secret drip is made to restore your youthful glow so you can stop reminding yourself how good you used to look.

Aging can take its toll, both in the way you look and the way you see yourself. Signs of aging are usually intensified by our lifestyle when it involves stress, lack of sleep or regular consumption of alcohol and drugs. Physical signs of aging include loss of skin elasticity, abdominal fat and lower levels of energy. Those signs usually come in pair with mental consequences such as anxiety and depression. The NAD Secret Drip has a high concentration of antioxidants and essential nutriments that deliver long lasting effects. It helps your body with the hydration of your hair, skin and nails, your protection against illness and your muscle recovery so you can embrace your older self.

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