The Shield | Dr-iV | IV Therapy in France

The Shield


€ 590.00

Best for:

regulate inflammation, immunity booster, tissue injury, illness recovery

What's inside:

Extra vit C, B-complex (B1,B2,B5,B6,B8,B12), Zinc+cupper

Never allow your body to let you down. Our changing and challenging world may cause our immunity to weaken, and it is always at the worst moment. The Shield Drip keeps your immune system reinforced, no matter what is being thrown at you.

Cold weather, lack of sleep or bad diet are all factors that force your immune system to work harder and harder until it reaches its limit. This is when you get ill and have to be stuck in bed or go through your day half-functioning. Once you get sick, your body needs a large amount of fluids to maintain a high metabolism and keep your organs up and running properly.

Backing up your immune system with The Shield is the fast, immediate way to protect your body or to crash that annoying cold. Become untouchable to rock your world.

Schedule your appointment online and our trained nurses available 24/7*, will be at your place, to help you start fresh.

*night appointments upon request and subject for additional fees.