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Skinny Beach


€ 590.00

Best for:

Replenish your skin cells, anti-aging, fight oxidative stress and free radicals, collagen booster, stimulate weight loss, detox.

What's inside:

Extra vit C+ 4 amino acids(L-glutamine,L-lysine,L-carnitine,L-Proline), Zinc+copper

Don’t let anything prevent you from your ideal. The Skinny Beach Drip allows you to enjoy your day at the beach like you never did before.

Planning a day on the beach should only be about having fun, meeting people, and relaxing. In this context, the sun can be your best ally as well as your worst enemy. The Skinny Beach drip boosts your concentration of amino-acid to get the best natural tan without worrying about sunburns or uneven skin color. It allows you to have that fresh summer look while enjoying your favorites activities on the beach, what else would you need?

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